Welcome to American Somali Relief Agency
A group of Somali profesionals established American Somali Releif Agency, also known as AMSOR, in the year of 2010. AMSOR was built to provide relief during draughts and famine in Somalia and also promote the development of Somalia’s rural and urban communities. AMSOR is a non-profit organization with US clearance as a 501c international NGO. The leaders of Somalia, including the authorities and traditional elders unanimously agreed that there is a need for development, relief and other humanitarian work for the people of Somalia. Although, Somalia enjoys relative peace and calm nowadays, but poverty, underdevelopment in the social and economic sectors are serious challenges.
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Success Story

AMSOR’s implementation of its mission started this summer in a humble way, when the Agency sent the first contingent of English learning books to Burtinle area and sponsored five high school graduates to go to college.

- Mr . Dahir Warsame - Executive Director